About Me

Let me first thank you for your interest in my blog, now a little about me...

I've been called a seamstress 
and a craft genius, but really, I am first and foremost a mommy to a lovely 4 yr old girl named Hailey, and a wife to an excellent husband.

Hailey is my inspiration in life, love, and happiness, and the reason I created my Etsy shop The Joyful Princess Boutique. 

After that, I am an animal fanatic with interests in veterinary medicine.  I have worked as a veterinary technician and completed college as a pre-veterinary student and a veterinary technology student.  Unfortunately I was unable to fulfill my dream of becoming a veterinarian due to health problems, but the interest remains and I follow the latest in veterinary medicine on a regular basis.  I have also worked in a childrens daycare and nearly completed a bachelors degree in secondary science education. 

Although my health problems have led to placing dreams on hold and altering career paths many times my true love is being a mom.  Not long after Hailey was born I took up sewing, and added crafting to my hobbies.  Soon friends, family, and complete strangers began to comment on the items I would create for Hailey.  Many times I was told, you should sell that, however it took me a while to gain the confidence to do so.  In mid October 2011 I decided to take the initiative and open my Etsy shop.  I have been pleasantly suprised by the positive feedback I have received as well as the interest in my items and sales that have resulted. 

I find myself reading and subscribing to many blogs and decided to begin one of my own.  I love to write, have even toyed with a book idea or two, and this is a great outlet.  This is a work in progress, so please bear with me.  I plan to blog on all sorts of things and also teach you how to create joyful items yourselves, and even provide you with the chance to buy supplies for those projects!  Please join me and help to Share the Joy with others.
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