Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Summer of No Pants Challenge Week Three - Tiffany Blue Chevron Maxi Skirt

It's week three of The Summer of No Pants Challenge!  Only one more week to go! 

My last two projects are both skirts, and will be the first skirts I've ever made for myself.  This challenge has been great because I've learned how to really sew for myself, and have been able to create two lovely dresses, and so far, one lovely skirt...which I will share with you now.    

I saw this Big Tiffany Blue Chevron from Girl Charlee Fabrics and I just had to have some!  

It's lovely, really, and since I'm a big fan of anything that comes in a Tiffany blue box I knew I would love this fabric.  I do love the color, and the "slinky" fabric was a lot easier to work with this time around after the practice I had with the fabric from week two of the challenge.  What scared me were the Chevron zigs and zags!  I've never worked with Chevron print but have loved it from afar. This print is wide enough that I gained the courage to tackle it.  

And I think it was a big success!  Check out those matching chevron lines on the seam line...yeah, this gal did that! ;) Okay, let's get to the story behind the skirt!  I saw this Maxi Skirt tutorial on The Winthrop Chronicles Blog and used it to create this skirt.  I took the extra step to make a paper pattern from it once I had my fabric pieces cut properly so that I can turn these babies out much faster from here on out.  

This skirt is so comfortable that I know many more of these are in my future!  My favorite aspect of the skirt is the waistline, no elastic, just a fold over "yoga pant" sort of waistline.  It makes this skirt somewhat adjustable in length too! 

Since I'm short I haven't been able to purchase a maxi skirt or dress, they are all too long.  Of course, now that I think about it I could shorten them, but sometimes that throws things "off", so now I know that I can create my own maxi skirts perfect for me!  

I did have to whip up a quick slip to go under the skirt since the fabric was sheer, and that was something I hadn't done before.  Truth be told I didn't own a slip so I grabbed some lining out of my fabric hoard stash and some elastic and made one.  

I really love it, it's colorful and fun, cool and comfortable...perfect for Florida summers!  (Imagine yourself in this photo.)

Since we are moving next week I'll be sharing my fourth and final project with you all very soon seeing as we most likely will be without computer access for a week.  It's going to be a really colorful skirt involving this fabric from Jennifer Paganelli's Crazy Love Collection.  I've been hoarding it for over a year and I think I have the courage to cut into it this weekend.  

It's purple and pink and lovely!  

Thank you all again for your support throughout this sewing challenge I appreciate it!  Once my week three entry has been accepted into the competition I'll let everyone know how they can help me by voting for my entry.  

If you would like to cast a vote for my week one dress you can find out how to do that here

If you would like to cast a vote for my week two dress you can find out how to do that here.  

And now, it's back to moving prep! 

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