Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Of No Pants Challenge Week One

Have you heard that I'm taking my pants off for the Summer of No Pants Challenge????  

It's true! I've entered my first ever sewing challenge contest! I will be sewing up a skirt or dress for myself every week for a month!

You can help me win the challenge by casting your votes for my Summer of No Pants Challenge Projects! I'll be back with a post on how to vote for me later on.  You'll need to have a Pinterest account to cast your votes.  Of course, I would LOVE to win one of the great prizes, they are a seamstresses DREAM, but for me, being able to survive this sewing challenge will be the equivalent of winning.  

I have just started to sew for myself, that equates to two items I have sewn for myself prior to the start of this challenge.  Both have been fairly simple tops.  (You can see one of those projects here.)  So, this first Summer of No Pants Challenge project is not only my first entry into the contest, it's the first dress I have ever made for myself!  

Now without further ado I introduce you to my first ever dress sewn for me, and my first Summer of No Pants project....

I am thrilled with the dress!  I used the Sis Boom Meghan Peasant Pattern and the fabric was an awesome score from Joann Fabric during their big Memorial Day sale.  It was about $3.00 a yard! It was one of the Joann Fabric brand Simply Silky prints that I found in the Red Tag area.  

The pattern has many different options, I went with the knee length, cap sleeved version.  I also chose to add pockets to my dress.  I recently added pockets to a dress I made for my daughter and she loved the addition so much I felt I should do it for myself.  In hind-sight I could have placed them about 2 inches higher than I did, but this is still a learning process for me, and I'm thrilled that they are functional. 

This dress is so comfortable!  I have plans to wear it on our date night tonight!  I am looking forward to the remainder of the Summer of No Pants Challenge and I hope you will all come along for the "ride"!  

As an aside, taking photos on time delay with a four year old photography assistant in very windy conditions is not easy, and a task in itself.  I wish our photography skills were stellar, but I was happy to have the help.  For her assistance she would like a matching "Mommy & Me" look, and I think I may have enough remaining fabric to pull that off.  

Now, I'm off to decide which project to do for the upcoming week.  I have three more piles of fabric and patterns to choose from! 

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