Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY "Create" Chevron Inspiration Cork Board Craft Tutorial

I'm excited to share an easy DIY craft tutorial with you all today!  

Chevron is all the rage these days, and I admit, I'm just catching onto the Chevron Crazy Train.  

Although I love the "look" creating items using chevron print just plain scared me.....lining up all of the zigs and zags to be specific.  Well, I survived my first Chevron craft, and it was MUCH easier than I thought it would be to match up those zigs and zags!  (I may even attempt to sew with the Chevron fabric that has been sitting in a pile for a while.)  

Let me introduce the "Create" Chevron Inspiration Board to you all!  

Of course, you could choose to change the "Create" to "Dream", or "Inspire", or "Love"...or well, just about anything.    I choose "Create" because we will soon be moving into our new home and I will finally have a designated room for my crafting and sewing projects.  My plan is to use this as an inspiration board and pin photos, quotes, fabric swatches, etc...that I find inspiring.  

Here are the supplies you will need....

  • 12" x 12" cork board (or other size of your choice)
  • Chevron Stencil
  • Stencil Tape
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • 1 yard of 1.5" wide Chevron Ribbon
  • 1 yard of 1.5" solid ribbon (for optional bow)
  • Marking Pen
  • Screwdriver (or other item that would make a good "hole poker)
  • Stencil Sponge 
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter (to trim ribbon)
  • Lighter (to heat seal the ribbon ends) 
  • Ruler
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl Transfer Paper
(If you do not have access to a machine that will cut vinyl consider stenciling the lettering on, or purchasing a vinyl phrase for your inspiration board.)

To start with you will want to mark where the holes for the ribbon will go.  I marked mine 1" down from the top of the cork board and 3" from the side of the cork board.  

You will want to do two marks, one on each side.  Use a ruler to make sure that they are level and even.  

Once you have your marks on the cork board use your screwdriver to carefully push through the cork board, creating two holes that you will later thread your ribbon through. 

Now you will need to decide how far down you would like for your Chevron print to start.  I chose to start my Chevrons 3" from the top.  You will want to place the stencil so that the edge of the Chevron is in line with the edge of the cork board.  Also make sure that is the case for each line of Chevron, so that you know that your stencil is level...or you'll end up with "hilly Chevron's"...and that would be a disaster. ;)  

Use the stencil tape to secure the stencil in place. 

Now you are ready to start painting.  I used a stencil sponge and it worked great, you'll just need to be careful that you don't use too much paint.  Dab your stencil sponge into the paint, then dab it onto a paper towel a couple times, and then dab it onto the stencil area.

It took me two coats of paint for my project, you may need more or less depending on your color choice.    When you have your stencil area painted to your liking carefully peel it off the cork board and allow it to dry completely.Then you will need to reposition the stencil to finish the remainder of the Chevron lines.  (Unless you are lucky enough to find a 12" x 12" stencil!)  

Repeat the stencil tape and painting processes until you get all of the Chevron lines painted on your cork board.  

Now you can embellish the top with the saying and method of your choice.  I choose to use my Silhouette machine and purple vinyl for my project.  I found the "Create" shape online and didn't even have to alter the size for my project.  

You will want to center your "Create" or other saying in between the two holes you created earlier.  Now you are ready to add the ribbon! 

I used 1 yard (36") of 1.5" wide multi-colored Chevron ribbon for my project.  You will want to trim the ends, I like mine angled, and then heat seal them.  

To heat seal ribbon simply run the ribbon through the flame of the lighter CAREFULLY for just a moment or two, you will see the ribbon melt slightly.  (If you've never attempted to heat seal ribbon before please have water nearby.)

Then you will want to fold the ribbon end in half, then in half again.  Next, guide the ribbon through the hole in the cork board, going from the front of your board, to the back of the board.  

You will want to repeat this process with the other end of the ribbon, and the other hole in the cork board.  

Pull each of the ribbon ends through the cork board holes until you have about 4" of ribbon on the underside of the cork board. 

Now you will want to tie a knot in each of the ribbon ends so that they do not pull through the holes in the cork board.  Tie your knot securely and then give the ribbon a little tug so that the knots rest against the back of the cork board.  

You could choose to leave your Chevron Inspiration Cork Board as is and hang it up, but I thought mine needed a bow.  I used 1 yard (36") of bright pink ribbon and made a bow to tie to the center of the Chevron ribbon.  

And there you have it, a "Create" Chevron Inspiration Cork Board to post those things that inspire you to create!  I know that I will be using mine very soon!  

Now I'm off to work on my next project, my dress for the second week of The Summer of No Pants Sewing Challenge!  Voting will go on throughout the challenge so if you haven't had a chance to help me out with a vote find out how to do that here.  And I thank you in advance for voting for me! <3 

This one will be a challenge since I'm trying to turn this Orange and White Polka Dot print into a dress!  


  1. Found you through EverythingEtsy's linky party! This is fantastic! I'm catching the chevron bug too. It kinda grows on ya. lol

    1. Thank you for visiting! I am loving Everything Etsy's Linky party...great links being shared! I'll have to go back and visit again since I'm sure that there are many more posted by now. :) Since this project I've made a Chevron Skirt, and I think many more chevron projects are on the way, now I know why they are so popular! ;)


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