Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Casual Lady Top for ME!

So excited to be sewing for myself these days! 

Okay, honest truth, I've made three items for myself since I've started to sew over four years ago.  

The first was a disaster, but in my defense, it was the first sewing project I ever took on and I was teaching myself.  I was able to come up with a finished product (a miracle in itself) but it wouldn't even go over my head!  After that it took me over three years to try to sew another clothing item for myself I was so scared to tackle the "curves".  Over the years I've continued to teach myself and have finally grown the courage to sew clothing for ME!  The second item that I made for myself not only fit great, but it turned out amazing, seriously, I get compliments every time I wear it.  So, that encouraged me GREATLY!  

That second item (the first wearable one I made) inspired me to continue my learning process.  In April, I came across The Casual Lady sewing pattern by Andrea Pannell and I thought it would make for a perfect third sewing project.  And, I'm happy to announce that I love the results!


The pattern is suitable for beginners, offers a top and dress length, includes eight sizes, and at the time a portion of the proceeds were donated to charity.  I did notice that the pattern is on sale as of today, but I'm not certain how long the sale is in effect.  (I'm not affiliated with them in any way, nor am I being compensated in any way.) 


I purchased this fabric from Hobby Lobby, it's a light-weight knit, which is perfect for the weather here in Florida.  I loved the lace detail mixed with the blue.  It has a casual feel but had a little "pop" to it.  I have to tell you that it is super soft and comfortable. A little tricky when doing hems because it had the tendency to roll, but other than that I was really happy with my fabric selection for this project.  

As an aside, I really love our trees.  We will be moving in less then a month and the trees in our yard were planted by my husband over eleven years ago.  I've watched them grow through the years and will miss them.  It's strange how moving "hits you" a little bit at a time.  I digress....

After my epic failed attempt at sewing for myself I am going to take this moment to brag about how well I did lining up the stripes for this project.  I was pretty meticulous about it and they line up perfectly, which for me was a big "pat yourself on the back" moment.  I also choose to add a slight curve to the bottom hem of the top, just to make it "different" then the tops I currently own.  

Bam!  Look at those stripes at the seam line! Sorry, I'm just really proud of myself, and just can't hold it back.  I've purchased several patterns for myself to try out, and my awesome husband took me to the fabric store this weekend to build up my stash of "mommy fabric".  My goal is to stitch up a new item for myself every week for the entire month of June and to share them with you all. 

Maybe it will inspire one, or some, of my readers to learn to sew for themselves too!  It is so rewarding to take fabric that was nothing and turn it into something.  I'm very happy that I gained the courage to "tackle the curves" and now I wonder why it took so long!  

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