Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week!...Don't worry, if you were unaware or forgot, the good news is you still have a couple of days left to show the special teachers in your life how much you appreciate them.  

Borrowed from Bitsy Creations

(SPOILER ALERT...If you happen to be my daughter's teacher you may want to come back next week to read this post.)  

I am fortunate to have my daughter in an amazing school with a phenomenal staff.  Having been in the education field myself I have quite an appreciation for all that teachers do.  With that said, I couldn't wait to dream up some special gifts for the teachers that are so near and dear to us.  

I love the idea of unique gifts, and when I can add a homemade/handmade element to a gift that makes it even better!  The school sent out an email with a "Theme Schedule" for each day, which in theory was a great idea, but for me it was a "curve ball". I had most of my ideas planned before I got the "memo" we had to improvise a little.  (The good news is I like to do end of the year gifts too, so those other ideas will still go to good use!) 

Here was the breakdown on the themes..
Monday ~ Thanks for helping me bloom! 
Tuesday ~ You are such a SWEET teacher!
Wednesday ~ You're my favorite teacher because...
Thursday ~ You have class!
Friday ~ You deserve to be pampered! 

My daughter only attends school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so we I chose to condense some of the themes, because her teachers are that awesome! 

I wanted to include my daughter in the crafting whenever possible, so I tried to choose projects that allowed her to add her love to each gift.  For the Monday/Tuesday gift we made flower vases for each of her teachers.  

I found the glass bottles vases at Hobby Lobby, they had a cork in them, but we just tossed that aside.  (Insert "crafting foul" here...we could have used those for another project!)  We used green chenille stems for the stem and leaves of each flower, and bright colored tissue paper for the blooms. 

I've been wanting to try out Washi Tape for the LONGEST time and thanks to my dear friend (and fellow crafter) Lisa from Lisa's Little Joys I was able to borrow some from her for this project.  I am in LOVE with it and will definitely be purchasing some Washi Tape of my own in the near future! That took care of the "Monday theme", now to cover the "Tuesday Theme".  

I thought her teachers would get a haul of candy so my "sweet treat" was a Starbucks gift card.  I used my Silhouette to create gift card holders and a 3-D flower embellishment.  Inside each gift card holder was a small card that Hailey signed herself, which in itself was pretty sweet, but now they can have a "sweet treat" too! 

Onto the Wednesday theme..You're my favorite teacher because...

Hailey adores her teachers, because they have truly touched her heart.  We picked up a couple "mini-blackboards" from Hobby Lobby along with some paint markers, and a flesh-tone bottle of acrylic paint.  I used the paint markers for the wording and the heart shape.  Then I painted her hand with the acrylic paint and placed her hand-print so that it was touching the heart.  This blackboard is two-sided so we added a personal message on the back using the paint markers as well. Honestly, I teared up when they were done, I think her teachers will really love their blackboards.

Thursday's theme was pretty easy to accomplish, they asked that we bring a gift for the class.  We choose a big bucket of sidewalk chalk!  Of course, I'll add a cute handmade bow to the handle before it's gifted.  

Onto Friday's theme...pampering...Hailey is such a girly girl, she accessorizes like crazy (for a four year old) so she wanted to give them a new accessory.  We decided on necklaces for each of them.

Rather than wrap them in tissue paper or a gift bag I turned again to my trusty Silhouette and made these Owl pillow boxes.  I LOVE how they turned out, don't you? 

In a way I'm sad to see Teacher appreciation week coming to an end...but there's always end of school year gifts to work on! 

I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of our Giveaway, and to share some AMAZING news with you all!


  1. GREAT Ideas, Kim! I used the blackboard one for our special shabbat school teacher. Thanks so much for posting this!!

    1. You are welcome Amy, happy to inspire you! I know Hailey's teachers loved the blackboards and they were fun to make with her!


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