Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Swoon.....Fabric

It's Saturday, and I will admit, I'm having a "lazy day".  I have plans to get more creative later, but with a few busy weeks behind me I needed some "lazy time" first.  My creative mind never really sleeps, I'm either dreaming up my next sewing project, searching for the "must have" fabric for that project, brainstorming a new craft, catching up on my favorite get the point, it never ends.  

One of the fun things about creating is getting to share it with others, so I thought I'd share some of the fabric that I have been swooning over recently with you all!  

Truth be told, I want it all, but these are a few of my most recent favorites, perhaps you may want to swoon with me!  

I have to start with fabric from the new Circa collection from Sis Boom .  Jennifer Paganelli is the brilliant mind behind the amazing vintage-inspired collections of Sis Boom Designs.  I just love her, she is truly supportive of handmade businesses and a joy to chat with.  One of these days I WILL get my hands on both of her books as well. (Insert humble plea for family or friends to remember this as my birthday nears.) This is just one of the fabrics to swoon over in the collection, the Bradlee in Rose.  LOVE!

From one of my favorite fabric designers to one of my favorite fabric shops...

I LOVE Skye Reve Fabrics!  I Could list just about everything as a "swoon" from this shop, but this one is my current favorite.  This is Girlfriends, Mermaids in Surf, from designer Anne Kelle.  Not only do I love this one, but a certain little girl has her eyes on it as well.  The only thing holding me back from purchasing some is my pile of "to do" projects.  I have to get through some of those before adding to the pile once again.   Natasha is the brains behind this awesome shop, and she is a joy to do business with.  (Secret...if you follow her on Facebook she gives away Free Fabric every Friday!)

It's no secret that the majority of my swooning for fabric is inspired by what brings the most joy to my own daughter.  This fabric is her in a "nutshell"...Princess Kingdom, in Natural from Alexander Henry.  It's on back order now, and I am not surprised.  I love it! I can SO picture a dress for my little princess out of this fabric.  Fingers crossed it comes back in stock! 

I've also noticed that I gravitate towards fabrics with birds, especially ones with a more "vintage" feel to them.  This fabric is one of the many "bird fabrics" that I swoon over, it's called Wrenly, and comes from the designer Valori Wells.  

And last but not least, although Halloween is months away, this print from Bella Blvd for Riley Blake Designs is too cute, in fact it's called Too Cute To Spook!!!!  This is Spook Crew in White and I just think they are anything but spooky and totally adorable!  I just KNOW I have to get some of this for some Halloween themed goodies!

For now I'm going to continue to "virtually swoon" over these and many more fabrics online, after all we are getting ready to move, and my "fabric hoard" has grown substantially. 

Now that I'll have a dedicated sewing space I hope to change that "hoard" into awesomeness.....and when that happens perhaps my swooning can change into collecting for my creative purposes (AKA shopping).  

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