Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pirate Day at School and Memorial Day Weekend Giveaway!

Argh!  Today is "Pirate Day" at Hailey's school and I had a lot of fun getting her ready for the day!  

I just happened to have some remaining Pirate Fabric from the supplies I had for a boys outfit in my shop that turned out being the perfect fabric for this Pirate Princess outfit! 

I admit that I wish I could have went along for the day, but I can not WAIT to hear all of the stories she will have to tell this afternoon about the pirate adventures she had at school!  

To be a child again! 

Children always amaze me with how imaginative, carefree, and inspiring they are.  

If we can not turn back time to be a child again perhaps we can learn to imagine, inspire, and set aside our worries.  

The world would be a much better place wouldn't it? 

Now THAT is a world I would like to explore!

Speaking of inspiration, in honor of the men and women that gave their lives preserving our Freedom, we are hosting a giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page now through Memorial Day.  

These men and women are the reason that we and our children live in the United States of America and have the Freedom that we do.  Please remember them this weekend as you celebrate with your friends and family.  

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