Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Part One of Amazing News!

Our New Beginnings Giveaway Winner has been announced!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats to Meagan and thank you to everyone who entered!  We do a giveaway almost every week either here on the blog or on our Facebook Fan Page so make sure you check in often.  

If you saw yesterday's post you know that AMAZING news was on the way is "Part One" of it...

We put a contract on a new home yesterday afternoon!  For those that were not aware, our family has been planning a relocation for almost a year and the time is FINALLY here to make the move...well almost...the home will be done around the middle of June so we won't be moving just yet, but we are well on the way! 

This home is our dream home, the perfect size, a backyard much bigger than the backyard we currently have (which is pretty big in itself), the perfect layout, the perfect get the point, it's well, perfect for us.  

We had no intention of buying a home that was under construction, it was just meant to be.  The resale homes we looked at weren't exactly what we were looking for. This is the first house we looked at, and the only one that we truly loved.  It was meant to be!  

That leads me to the spot in the house that I am thrilled to share with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See that open door area to the left of the front of this photo?  Use your imagination a little and envision opening a set of double doors to a sewing and crafting oasis inside that room...yes, I will FINALLY have a REAL sewing studio and craft room!  

Every time I think about it I could just cry, I'll spare you the tears but let you know that I am beyond happy for what our family has been blessed with.  I am so very proud of my husband who works so very hard at making our dreams come true, he is amazing! (After this I probably owe him for life, but that is perfectly fine with me!)

So, rest assured that I'll take you all along our relocating adventure, and that there will be MANY sewing and crafting projects coming along the way soon!!!!  

And someday soon I will share "Part Two" of the AMAZING news!  I'll give you a pertains to the new sewing studio....TO BE CONTINUED.


  1. Congrats! That is so exciting! I bet you are thrilled about having a sewing studio. My studio is far from perfect, but feel free to ask any questions you'd like. I do love our floor. It's a linoleum (or vinyl, not really sure) that looks like tile. I love it because I can roll my chair around on it, vacuum it frequently and find the pins!

    1. Thank you! I have been sewing on our kitchen table for the longest time, and with a curious four year old it can be tricky, so I am thrilled to have a special place to be inspired and work! I will probably have all kinds of questions, the one that I'm thinking about the most is fabric storage...bolts vs comic boards etc. In retrospect the flooring is something I should have thought more about it, it will be carpeted, but I think that my feet will thank me for that one...maybe I should invest in a large magnet!


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