Monday, April 2, 2012

Homemade Birthday for the Princess that Inspired it all!

As many know, my daughter, Hailey is the inspiration for The Joyful Princess Boutique.  Today is a very special day, today is Hailey's 3rd Birthday!  It seems these three years have flown by and yet she amazes me everyday by just being herself.  She continues to inspire my every waking moment and is my ultimate joy. 

This year she asked for a "Princess Themed Bounce House Party", and we eagerly obliged.  I decided that I would add some homemade flare to it as well. 

First, I went to Etsy to purchase "Princess Themed" invitations and found these lovely ones by Inkberry Parties and Hailey quickly approved of them.

Next, Hailey's Birthday Party Attire! A few blogs ago I shared that I was teaching myself to crochet.  I took that to an entirely different level with the handmade dress I created for Hailey.  She donned the ultimate Princess Birthday Tutu dress with a crocheted top, tulle bottom, silver sequins, beads, and organza trimming.  Hailey selected the Heart-Shaped Brooch to top it off.

Of course, no Princess outfit would be complete without a crown!  Hailey helped me create this lovely Princess crown out of a lace she chose.  We used a fabric stiffener, modge podge, and fine glitter to create this masterpiece fit for a Princess.

We decided on a few more Handmade touches to her party.  For her party favor bags we gave each of the children a Tupperware container of The BEST Homemade Playdough , one of my handmade bottlecap necklaces (Princesses for the girls, and Spider Man, Toy Story, or Cars for the boys), and some store bought items to round it out.

For a final handmade touch, we again turned to Etsy in search of thank you notes to coordinate with the princess-theme.  We found this lovely one by DIYParties and with that, we were ready to party!

Hailey's Princess Themed Birthday Party was as she said, "Just what I wanted!" Her friends and family that attended seemed to love our Handmade twist on things. Perhaps I should start to think of more great ideas for next year. EnJOY~

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