Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hooves in Time

For those who don't already know, I have a weak spot for anything "Horse Related". This is nothing new, for as long as I remember I have had horses on the brain. From a very young age I begged my mother for a horse, in various forms, and relentlessly. (Bless her heart.) It took a while, but after leaving countless clues in the form of classified adds by the coffee pot and other dubious methods of coercion she blessed me with the best Birthday gift any horse loving girl could dream of, a horse of my own. 

I remember my mother driving me to the barn where I took lessons and volunteered my hind-end off early that morning. She pulled into the parking area and there was a horse trailer waiting. I had no idea it was waiting for me until the lead rope was put into my hand and the most gorgeous Half-Arab/Half-Quarter horse stepped into my life and filled my heart.  Her name was "Vicky" and we soon changed her name to "Victory Gal" or "Tory", as she was known outside of the horse show arena.  She was a dream come true, my best friend, and my therapy through high school. 

She was a handful for me at first, but she made me into a true equestrian, and was an inspiration for my future.  These photos were taken from one of our Horse Show Circuits in which she and I went on to be Champions that season.  I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about her and about the sacrifices my mother made to bring her into my life.  Some say "Tory" changed my life, I say my mother changed my life but "Tory" kept it on the right track!


I hope you enJOY the photos of my "Victory Gal"! These photos brilliantly captured "Hooves in Time" and remind me of how I would love to hear hooves on ground again! Perhaps I can be the next mother to make a little girls "horse dreams" come true....


  1. Kim, you worked hard and deserved Tory! I don't know how we did it..but we we're blessed to make it happen. I will never forget that day..thank you!

  2. Thank you mom! I did work hard and I loved her dearly, the best gift anyone ever gave me. :) I hope Hailey wants a pony someday too! Love you!


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