Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun for the Kids...Joyfully SLIME them!!!

It's Friday, and Friday's should be fun, so in this edition of "Friday Fun for the Kids" we are going to SLIME THEM!!!!! But don't tell them that they are actually going to LEARN something while they have fun, that would spoil it!

So without further ado, I bring you the "non-Newtonian Slime"...

But first, let's get the science part out of it, we are never to old or young to learn!
A quick lesson from our friend Isaac Newton.

The term “viscosity” is used to describe the resistance of a liquid to flow.  For instance, water has a low viscosity, it flows easily.  On the other hand, Honey, at room temperature, has a higher viscosity and flows more slowly than water. But if you warm honey up, its viscosity drops, and it flows more easily. The viscosity of most fluids depends only on temperature. These fluids are referred to as “Newtonian,” since their behavior was first described by Isaac Newton (Remember... the laws of gravity?).  The SLIME we are about to make is actually a cornstarch mixture and is referred to as “non-Newtonian” since its viscosity also depends on the force applied to the liquid or how fast an object is moving through the liquid.

Okay, now for the fun!

You will need the following materials to create your SLIME!
  1. Corn Starch (approximately 1/4 cup per each SLIME creation)
  2. Water (approximately 1/4 cup per each SLIME creation)
  3. A Mixing Bowl
  4. Food Coloring
  5. Measuring Cups
  6. Measuring Spoons
Preparation Time - About 5 Minutes

Directions for creating your "non-Newtonian SLIME"....
  • Add about 1/4 cup of dry cornstarch to your mixing bowl.
  • Add about 1/8 cup (or 2 Tablespoons) of water to the dry cornstarch SLOWLY, while stiring. You should have something that resembles this...

  • Continue to add small amounts of water while stiring until the cornstarch acts like a           liquid when it is being slowly stired. 
  • The liquid should feel hard to the touch when you tap on it.  If your mixture is too liquid simply add a small amount of cornstarch to the mixture.  Ultimately you want to create a mixutre that feels like a stiff liquid as you stir and feels like a solid when you tap on it.  You should have something that resembles this...

  • Add several drops of food coloring to your mixture. (Now could be a GREAT time to teach color combinations and to experiment with colors, hint!)  I choose Green in honor of the upcoming St. Patricks Day holiday. 

  • Now you are ready to play! Simply scoop out the cornstarch mixture with the palm of your hand, this works best if you slowly roll it into a ball.  Notice that as long as you keep pressure on it, it will remain a solid.  If you stop putting pressure on your mixture it will turn into a joyful puddle of SLIME!

EnJOY playing with your "non-Newtonian" SLIME!

When you have SLIMED yourself silly and want to clean up here is how you can safely dispose of your SLIME...

First dilute the cornstarch mixture with plenty of water before pouring it down the drain. Why? What do think would happen to the semi-solid, semi-liquid you prepared if pressure were applied to it by in the drain? Yes – a plugged drain, and I am not responsible for that, I'm only responsible for the fun you and your children had. :)

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