Friday, February 17, 2012

Joyfully Crocheting...I Think

I admit, I have a list of "to do" crafts that is a mile long, much of it resides on Pinterest. There is one thing that I have always wanted to learn but never fully committed to until to crochet!

When I was pregnant a friend at work gave me a crash course on how to make a baby blanket, which I never finished but seemed "okay" at. That was three years ago, and I decided not long ago to give it another try, crocheting that is, not pregnancy. Having since moved away from my dear friend and realizing no one in my vicinity crochets I had to look else where for instruction.

That is where my Nook Color comes into play, seems unconventional, I know, but with my newly downloaded copy of Crocheting for Dummies in hand I set to work.

I gathered my materials, as instructed in my new how-to manual:
  • A size H-8 U.S. (5mm) crochet hook
  • A light, solid-colored, worsted-weight yarn, preferably made of acrylic or wool fibers

I'm that "over-achiever" at times, so one hook was just not acceptable to me, hence I purchased a small collection.  I found them colorful, affordable, and an inspiration to try additional crocheting projects. 

With materials and manual at hand I began to read, and teach myself, all about Crocheting.  Here are a couple of my beginning "swatches". 

At this point I was feeling pretty good about myself, and jumped into the first project in the book, a crocheted hand towel.  This project is just about done, at least I think it is.  There should be 40 rows at completion, and if I'm counting my rows correctly there are 32 right now.  (Subtle hint for those who actually KNOW how to crochet to help me out by letting me know if I'm right, and how about which side of this work of art is the "right" side and which is the "wrong" side. Thank you kindly!) 

Now for the "moment of truth", I can take constructive criticism, and in fact welcome it, how does it look?  I think that my mother will be the fine recipient of my first work of art (don't tell her, it's a surprise), but I would love to know that it is "gift worthy" first!  In addition, I purchased this lovely "chunky" yarn that I am hoping to transform into a joyful scarf for Hailey before the cold weather is entirely gone and I would like to know I'm on the right track before I delve into that. 

I hope that those who already crochet see the humor in my new adventure and can reminisce of the time when they first learned to crochet.  And for those who are thinking of taking up the hobby/craft I hope I've inspired you to join me in my adventure! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

I must admit, as of late, we have been battling some not so friendly "bugs"...okay, I'll just say our house.  They don't want to leave, they have overstayed their welcome, and they are driving my O.C.D. self crazy!  With that said, I think a little "Wacky Wednesday" (with the help of Pinterest and Hailey, my nearly 3 year old daughter) fun is in order, maybe a good laugh will scare them off so that I can return to my normal duties...let's try it out!  If nothing else, I hope this brings joy to a few readers today! Let's give it a go....
Everyday would be "Wacky" if Hailey were to take up a career in exterior design!  Here is her "blueprint" for her first customer.....

Remember our dear friend "Captian Kangaroo" and all of his early morning antics?  I loved that show, now I know why he retired...he was up against this up and coming "Wacky Captain", now it all makes sense right?....

After earning such rave reviews for her exterior design Hailey took up interior designing as well!

She found a use for latex gloves in our house, usually utilized for doggie ear cleainings, but so much more pleasing to the eye this way!...

...And she even found use for the plethora of tables we had laying around the house, kindly taking heed of my favorite color!  Perhaps we should invest in some vases and ladders at this point?...

I don't know about you, but I feel "Wacky" now!  Perphaps I've been "Wacky" for a while now, but nevertheless, I think I've done my best to bring joy to you today, and hope that the joy scares away the "bugs" A.K.A. "germs"!

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