Friday, December 30, 2011

It's A Madcap Life Now, and in 2012

    As many of you know I have embarked on an adventure late this year, opening my own Etsy shop,  The Joyful Princess Boutique, and I have experienced so much in so little time as a result that I can not wait to see what happens in 2012! 

    I've already reached milestones that were mere dreams three months ago, and have so many new and exciting things planned for life and the boutique in 2012 that I can hardly hold in my excitement!  Earlier this week I shipped out my first international order, and reached a total of 20 sales, two amazing events to celebrate.  And in April of 2012 I am getting married to the most wonderful and supportive man that any woman could ask for and will celebrate my little angel's 3rd birthday!  I have many projects and new items in store Joyful Princess style for 2012 too, and plan to attend our local farmers market and some arts and crafts shows when possible.  In short, 2011 was an awesome year, full of excitement, love, and joy.  My hope is that 2012 holds the same plus much more and that I will continue to share my joy with others and that everyone has a blessed, successful, and joyful 2012. 

   Now, if you are asking what exactly I mean by "It's A Madcap Life", let me tell you.  It's the title of my newly found Etsy team, I liken them to my Etsy family and talented coworkers.  As a team we love art, culture, and design while being innovative and stylish.  We share a love for the handmade movement and for vintage art, clothing, and jewelry that many fall in love with once they have discovered these gems for what they truly are.  In addition, they do a lot of charity work for wonderful organizations. I have met so many talented and kind hearted individuals and plan on being a very active member of the "It's a Madcap Life" team now and in the future, so look out madcappers! I want to thank them all for the invite and the support I've received. I'm ready to time travel and explore the madcap shops and hope that my subscribers come along for the ride~here is a glimpse of what Madcap Life is like...
When The Clock Strikes 12 and as always ~Enjoy & Have a Joyful New Year


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