Friday, December 23, 2011

For the Love of Basset Hounds

        In life there are many gifts, but perhaps the greatest gift of all is that of a pet that touches our hearts in a way no other can. I've been fortunate in that aspect of life to have a few pets that have left their paws, hooves, and feathers in my heart. With that said, there is one in particular that made his way to The Rainbow Bridge far too soon.

       Flash was a great dog, a friendly, fun-loving Basset Hound that brought warmth to the hearts of all who knew him. At 8 months old he developed a limp that many discounted as growing pains. He underwent a very involved surgery on both of his front legs before he was 10 months old, bi-ulnar osteotomies. After 90 days of a long recovery, combined with physical therapy, he was a new dog. He never stopped running, playing, and loving on anyone who was within reach. I think of it as the gift we gave to him, without it, the only other option was euthanasia. My daughter Hailey was born a few months after his surgery and he was her pal from the first time he laid eyes, and ears, on her. Wherever she went, he followed, and he never cared if she laid on top of him, pulled his ears, or sat on him. He was truly happy in life, and so were we.

      Then tradgedy struck, he was a little over 2 & 1/2 years young when he became gravely ill. Radiographs showed abnormal enlargement of one of his kidneys and his blood panels were so affected by his illness that the veterinarians diagnostic machines couldn't properly determine many of the levels. Too weak to undergo any exploratory surgery we made the heart wrenching decision to euthanize him. Most likely he had developed some form of cancer or kidney disease that would have been untreatable, but it still was, and is, a very hard pill to swallow given his age.

       I think of him often and Hailey does as well, from time to time she asks about him and I tell her he is "in the clouds playing with God" and she seems to be okay with that. For a dog that was present for such a short time on Earth he left a huge pawprint on many hearts. I am glad we gave him the gift of his "bionic legs" for it allowed him to cherish his time with us. Perphaps he knew it was limited because anyone who knew him knows he lived life to it's fullest. Either way, today and everyday when I think of him I like to say that if he could have spoken to me he would have said, "Live Long!"

       Today he seemed to cross my mind more than usually and I was inspired to create an Etsy treasury of all the great Basset Hound items out there. It dried my tears and even made me chuckle a few times a hope you enjoy the treasury, and remember, "Live Long!"

In loving memory of "Flash", the greatest Basset Hound who ever lived, however short he may have.
For the Love of Basset Hounds

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