Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day Two of Ten Days of Celebration Giveaway

     I recently discovered the joy in blogging and in reading blogs by others.  It has become a gateway to some of my project ideas, has been a road to discovering new friends, and a lovely way to spend an hour or so a day reading, writing, and sharing. 
     My blog is a work in progress, and I have big plans for it in the future, but I need to launch the blog and gather followers to go the route that I have planned.  This is where my awesome friends, family, and customers come in.  And, where you get the chance to win this lovely flower clip with headband for FREE!
     For days two through 10 of the 10 Days of Celebration join me in helping to raise awareness of this blog.  In return, I will do a giveaway to show my appreciation.  I think this will be a fun way to gain subscriptions and followers to the blog so that I can expand on topics, do more giveaways, and be able to host guests that I am interested in having. 

What do you enjoy most this time of year?.....    
  • Simply follow and subscribe to my Joyfully Sharing blog, then leave a comment to this post telling us what you enjoy most about this time of year. 
  • From there, share the blog address with others.  Have them visit the blog and comment to this post, in their comment have them leave your name.   
  • Your friends, family, etc may join in the fun by also following and subscribing to the blog, leaving a comment to the post telling us what they enjoy about this time of year, and by sharing the blog address with others.  Etc..
  • Note, it will be important to leave separate comments.  For instance, leave one comment mentioning the name of "who sent you" and leave a second, separate comment in response to "What do you enjoy most this time of year?"...
  • On Thursday, December 22nd a random number generator will be used to determine the winner of the giveaway.  The comment that corresponds to the number generated will win the giveaway. If the comment contains an individual's name they will be the winner, and if the comment is in response to the "What do you enjoy most this time of year?" prompt the composer of the comment will be the winner. 
What a great way to learn a little about what everyone loves this time of year and have a chance to win something from The Joyful Princess Boutique! I'm looking forward to reading everyones comments &  EnJOY~


  1. I love watching the holidays through the eyes of my children. It is amazing to see their innocent eyes light up at the sights and sounds of the holidays. It is especially heartwarming to see them start to understand the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus.

  2. That is soooo true, I think seeing that light in their eyes reminds me of my Christmas memories growing up. And it is always nice when they learn that there is more to Christmas then gifts and Santa. Great example, Friday I'm going to Hailey's school for a Birthday Party for Jesus, so fun and a great way to remind children of the true meaning of Christmas.

  3. Congratulations Karen, and thank you for joining in the fun with the giveaway! It was easy for you to win, but you deserve it! Your prize is on it's way!!


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