Monday, December 5, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

   Since venturing into the world of online selling on Etsy with "handmade gifted" individuals I have come to meet some that are simply wonderful. They have taught me the "ways of Etsy" and the "ways of Twitter" and have been an inspiration to me because of their success and their wonderful creations. I wanted to introduce some of those lovely items and their associated Etsy shops with my readers.  My hope is that I can share the joy that they have already brought into my life with all of you.

    Handmade shops are becoming increasingly popular as "go to's" for those searching for just the right gift to give, or for a unique item for themselves.  It is through individuals such as these that we are able to do so.  Please help support the Handmade Movement and share this link and information with others.  And as always, EnJOY!

All I Want For Christmas Etsy Treasury

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